Eco Icons to a Sustainable Design Future

Nowadays eco style is increasing its popularity from powerful social movement for saving our environment and nature’s resources to the most popular tendency in business practice and web design especially. Marketers, designers and web developers worldwide understand more and more that ‘going green’ is more than just a phrase, it’s an essential business practice that consumers respond to and thus it cannot be neglected. As a result companies everywhere are adopting sustainable practices that help to preserve our precious resources for future generations. Here at WebHostFace we’re not superheroes of sustainability yet, but we’re working together to learn more about how we can make better choices for the environment every day.



Happy 4th of July!

Congratulations ! Happy 4th of July to all American friends !

With all the firework displays, American apparel and delicious grilled items to focus on when July 4th rolls around, it’s easy to forget what this holiday is really all about: Patriotism. In its essence this is a celebration of the 1776 adoption of the Declaration of Independence, and the founding of a country based on freedom, equality, and opportunity. (more…)


Long Shadow Love: Free Flat Icon Set

Flat design has been around for some time now, and it seems it’s here to stay. We have talked a lot about this tremendously hot topic in our previous posts. A design that looks spacious, simpler, with almost no distraction. A design that lets you focus on the content instead of wandering around. (more…)


Need for Speed?- Here comes our Free Transport Icon Set

In today’s post we offer you a set of ready-made icons representing objects in variations of different modern transport facilities, such as Aircrafts, Bikes, Cars, Containers, Heavy Equipment, Public Transport, Rail Transport, Trucks, Watercraft Equipment, etc. These beautiful graphics are high-quality visual summery of human innovation in the transportation matter from land (and sea) to sky (and space). You can also find some cool tools like a wrench, a compass, even a tire!



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