Five Things to Look For When Building a Fast Website

Normally I would start with a few words about the reason why the topic is important, but such introduction would be meaningless when it comes to website speed. Asking an owner if they want a lightning-speed website is like asking little kids if they want to go to Disneyland – the question is kinda rhetorical. (more…)


Tips and Tricks : How to build your online shop?

Hello again fellow lurkers of the online void.

Last time we gave a few pointers to our friends who were eager to start their blogging experience. This time we will explore deeper and help all those young entrepreneurs who have something to sell and want to expand their business in the networking world. Let’s face it – no matter how well-known you are for your customers, having only a physical location just won’t do the trick. Understanding the concepts of modern business, many people have already built their online shops to meet a more diversified demand and geolocation of visitors. If you are not amongst them, you better reevaluate your strategy – with more than 80% of the Internet users having shopped on the web at least once, you might be missing out on the long-awaited refreshment of your brand. (more…)


Google embraces WordPress with their first plugin – Google Publisher

There was a gossip and commotion a few days ago, following the official release of Google’s first plugin for WordPress – Google Publisher (you can check it here). I intentionally waited a couple of days, for the initial fuss to die down before I gave it a try, so I can focus on its value instead of empty praises or criticism. So let’s start from the beginning – what is this new venture from the Big G? (more…)


Tips and Tricks: How to build your blog

In our previous articles we have already learned how to start our web project by finding the proper domain and hosting. Having the suitable name and environment we can now continue with the real deal – choosing the right application and building our website. In this article we will try to help you with some pointers about the main focal points in blog building. (more…)

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Tips and Tricks: Choosing the right Web Hosting

In our last article you have already learned how to choose the right domain name. The next step would be find your right web hosting partner, amongst the thousands companies on the market. Such a vast choice might make this task a little burdensome but by just following some simple pointers you can save a lot of time and effort, which you can otherwize invest in your website. Those guidelines are not sorted by their importance, a proper combination between them is what you are aiming for. (more…)


Tips and Tricks: Choosing your Domain

If you are reading this then you are at a significant moment of your work life – you have decided to have an online business. Whether you are just starting in this venture or you are already established and moving your services online the first and foremost cornerstone you have to pass is how to name your website. Choosing the right domain may seem simple at first, but with millions and millions of domain names already registered, you might soon find that you underestimated this task a little. Hopefully our tips and tricks would be able to give you better aid so you can start off with a blast. (more…)


Picking the Right Sales Employee

It doesn’t matter if you’re a starter or a veteran company in the hosting business when it comes to obtaining a skillful and efficient Sales crew. Being on the front lines of the defense against the advancing hordes of customers, their personality and skill set would be key in gaining and retaining the satisfaction of this diversified crowd. But what does it take to determine which candidate is a diamond in the rough and which one would just be an occupant of your office space? Experience has taught me that this wouldn’t be such a burdensome task if you take in mind just a few simple pointers.



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