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See all the features and configurations that make our environment fit your website like a glove. From hardware and monitoring to backups and applications optimization – you get an all-inclusive package tailored by a host that knows your needs.

CloudFlare CDN

We know that in the contemporary Internet
world a website needs much more enhancements than before. With the increasing number of competitors in each and every field speed and stability are key features for better results. That is why the CDNs have gained such popularity. We at WebHostFace have chosen CloudFlare for our customers because it has proven to be the most innovative solution that caches your static content on 31 server locations around the globe. This way your content is instantly delivered to all your visitors which
brings customer satisfaction , helps for
better search engine results and
reduces load on the physical


Your websites needs PostgreSQL?
Not an issue – WebHostFace has got you covered. With us you will get all the tools needed even for the most sophisticated online project. You will have a full management control over your PostgreSQL databases through phpPgAdmin where you can execute arbitrary SQL, dump table data , manage users , privileges and much more. You can as well benefit from WebHostFace’s PostgreSQL tutorials and rely on our expert team whenever you face any challenge.

Multicontinental servers

Swift and wide currency of data is a crucial concept for us. That is the most substantial reason behind our Data center location selection. The facilities that we have sifted out offer leading-edge disaster recovery systems with redundant and resilient networks. You can choose any of the industry-leading locations we offer in USA, Germany or Singapore and settle your service closer to the majority of your visitors and at the same time be confident that you get state-of-the-art technology with amazing redundancy.

Complete Account Isolation

All the accounts on WebHostFace shared
servers are isolated from each other through a custom server setup, which makes it possible for each shared account to be detached in its own cage. This way even if there is one vulnerable installation , the other accounts on the server will remain intact. As a result any malicious intrusion from one account to another on our shared environment is practically impossible. Thus when you get some of our Face Shared Hosting plans you acquire a fully autonomous service just like the much pricier Dedicated solutions.

Incremental Backup System

In the galloping Internet world one should
always have a fresh copy of their project at
hand and monthly/weekly backups are simply not enough. What happens if you lose all the work you’ve done in the past 24 hours? Today we are always in a rush and have all sorts of imminent deadlines so we just cannot afford losing any data. That is why WebHostFace has implemented R1soft incremental backup system through which you can always restore your website to its latest stage with a couple of clicks. That’s right – you make your project plans , we take care of your data.

MySQL 5.5

Throughout the years MySQL has
substantiated itself as the most popular and widely used open-source database. Indisputably this is a result of the extensive documentation and materials on it and its great flexibility. Having worked with MySQL for many years we have established a MySQL environment that will bring your website performance to a new level. You get your frequent MySQL queries cached which results in a much better performance. We have tuned you with a customized I/O Scheduler which prioritizes your requests keeping the server in its best overall condition.

Multiple PHP Versions

That’s right! We have crafted a custom
tool that comes in handy for all of the users
that have multiple websites requiring different settings. Has your host ever updated PHP versions without notice causing damage to your online projects? That is not the case at WebHostFace since you have the option to set different versions, extensions and modules not only per account but also per folder. In addition you have extensive PHP error logs and PHP info files for all the versions that you are using. Forget about the hassle – use a tool with functions for developers, made simple and easy even
for non tech savvy users.

Open-Source Optimization

We love open-source perhaps even more
than you do! How can you not like a script that
is free to use and is being expanded on a daily basis by thousands of contributors. Namely this phenomenon of the online world made it look as it does today ( around 75 million sites are using WordPress for example and this number is getting higher every day ). But maintaining an open-source project is a responsibility as well. You need to take care of security patches , updates and new technology implementation for the new releases. That is what WebHostFace does for you – handle your open-source
based website to us and we will make
it work like a charm.

Advanced Hardware

Hardware is always of primary importance
when online projects are concerned. Like everything in the IT world new and better machines are being invented faster than ever. That is why upgrades are essential for any host of advanced views. Wanting the best for all its customers WebHostFace continuously upgrades all of the servers when a new setup passes our tests and covers our high standards. The same holds true in respect of the data center redundancy and security improvements. Thus if you set great score by the best
hardware, you can count on

24/7 Expert Support and Monitoring

Transparency, efficiency and fast and friendly support compose the key foundation of a good provider and we aim to deliver nothing less than that with our services. Here you will find some of the best CMS specialists on the market who will eagerly help you solve every technical challenge in terms of minutes. The custom monitoring system together with the constant extensive trainings of the staff are the key factors that bring a new meaning to the words ‘Customer Satisfaction’. What makes it even better is the
fact that our team is available 24/7
through email, ticket, chat and

Different programing languages

You have a versatile online project and you
need various programing languages supported? Not an issue – WebHostFace supports HTML, PHP , Perl, Python and Javascript. You can as well use multiple libraries and modules in addition. PEAR , SOAP , Curl , IonCube Loader , ImageMagick, Phar- we’ve got all that covered for you. You do not need to start additional installations and lose time with configurations as our team has prepared your hosting environment for wide usability. All you need to concentrate on is your website
development while our team takes
care of the rest.

Monitoring System

As a reputable host WebHostFace has a
Firewall system which blocks brute force attacks, MySQL injection attempts, execution of malicious scripts etc. Such a system is a must nowadays due to the numerous fraudulent users of the web, who are constantly attempting to gain access to hosting accounts and websites in order to send spam, perform blackhat SEO or infect sites . Our Firewall blocks thousands of such attacks on regular basis and allows us to secure our servers when mass hacks happen. To reach even higher level of protection we have clustered our Firewall system and IPs with
bad behavior are being blocked
simultaneously on all of our



Complete account isolation

MySql 5.5

Incremental backup system

Multi-continental servers

Multiple PHP versions and libraries per account and folder

Open-source applications optimization

24/7 Expert Support and Monitoring

Custom monitoring system with clustered firewall

Different programing languages

Advanced Hardware Configuration


All of our servers are optimized for ace speed, yet we give our customers the chance to increase it even further by choosing a server location closer to their visitors. Clients can host accounts in any of our three key areas on Earth – USA, Singapore and Germany. These locations are not chosen at random, but are known to have the best facilitated data centers and fastest network connectivity in the world. Servers, which are stored under the best conditions and monitored by an advanced professional team of administrators mean additional security of your account, immediate reaction and utmost reliability.

All of our servers are exclusively Linux-based and pre-installed with latest versions of Apache, PHP and Kernel. These are free applications, which gives us the opportunity to provide our services at the most affordable prices and to support a wide selection of free scripts for our clients, thus reduce customer expenses no matter the type of their online project. Another advantage of the Linux operation system is that it allows a variety of custom modifications. This enables our top-level server administrators and tech gurus to adapt the hosting infrastructure to the specific needs of our clients, increasing reliability, speed and safety. In-house security technologies that isolates each account and regularly updated software additionally enforce the trustworthiness of the WebHostFace platform.

The customized server environment that we have tailored gives you the chance to use not only multiple programing languages but also a wide variety of extensions and libraries. You should just navigate to the custom PHP tools that you will find in your cPanel to craft your own personal account structure. These enhancements make it possible for you to host specific frameworks like Laravel even on a shared environment without any troubles. So start creating your new project now – we give you all the tools needed.

The account isolation that we have applied to our shared hosting machines keeps all your data inaccessible by any other user on the server. This way even if there is one vulnerable installation , the other accounts on the server will remain intact. With such a setup no malicious intrusion from one shared account to another is possible. The caged environment also keeps your own resources to yourself and practically there is no chance for any other user to influence your website’s performance.

WebHostFace uses the services of one of the most reputable data centers in the world. All of them maintain their own network operations center, built and operated by Digital Reality Trust, with 24/7 monitoring by system administrators. Additional in-house hosting technology automatically secures proper functionality of all hardware and software within the data center. Their redundant infrastructure with 2N Utility, 2N UPS, Static Switch PDU’s ,fiber Access telecommunication with multiple access points together with the reliable internet connectivity provided by independent ISPs ensure your website’s perfect flow and 99.9 % uptime.

The majority of people buy exclusively from reputable and secure stores, that is why it is crucial to prove to your visitors that you care about their protection and trust. With our impenetrable framework, which isolates each user account in a separate cell, create a bulletproof environment even on a shared platform. The whole server is protected by a layer of firewall, with brute force prevention and additional security implementations. All software used on the server and within your hosting account is constantly monitored and updated regularly to latest version with all security patches. Secure Socket Layer encrypts all data transmitted between your customers and your shop, including personal and sensitive information, to give your clients a peace of mind.